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Cloud Hosting is Best for the Majority of websites. If you are in the market for this alternative type of hosting or want to learn more about it, you’ve come to the right place.

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best cloud hosting company for most people is definitely Hostinger or HostGator.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Typically, your site is hosted on a single server. It could be your own dedicated server, or maybe there are other tenants who share space on it.

With cloud hosting, your web host isn’t connected to one physical location. Your website resources are maintained across multiple virtual servers in the cloud.

Each cloud server is responsible for specific sets of tasks. If one of the servers in the cloud fails or goes down, the others will automatically pick up the slack to render those required resources.

Your website will continue to run smoothly with cloud hosting, even if there is a problem with one of the servers.

Your website will benefit from increased uptime rates and won’t be as susceptible to unplanned downtime.

With a singular server, you’re essentially putting all of your eggs in one basket. This is a huge risk when you’re dealing with something as important as your website.

In addition to fixing potential problems with one server, cloud hosting will keep your site stable, even as your traffic increases.

Cloud hosting is also extremely easy to set up. For those of you who want to start hosting on the cloud right away, it can be a faster deployment option than something like a dedicated server or shared server.

There are three main types of web hosting:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

But there’s a new type of hosting that’s rapidly growing in popularity: Cloud hosting. And it can be the ideal hosting solution for your business.

So if you’re interested in learning more about this alternative type of hosting, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll explain exactly what cloud hosting is, how it works, and show you some of the best cloud web hosting providers on the market today according to our in-depth research. Use this to pick out the cloud hosting plan that best fits the needs of your website.

Let’s jump into The Best Cloud Hosting Services for 2021 to consider.

Best Cloud Hosting Services for 2021

  1. Hostinger: Most bang for your buck
  2. HostGator: Best cheap cloud web hosting

Read on for detailed reviews of each one to start comparing features and pricing.

1. Hostinger: Most Bang for Your Buck

Best Cloud Hosting Services in 2021
Hostinger: Most Bang for Your Buck

Hostinger offers quality web hosting at competitively low prices.

In fact, the most affordable plan is currently $9.99 per month. Of course, that’s an annual rate. So expect it to jump up when you have to renew.

But it’s still one of the lowest prices for web hosting out there. Couple that with their 99.9% uptime guarantee and decently fast speeds, and you have yourself an excellent host.

One thing that really sets Hostinger out from the rest of the pack is their dedicated IP. Customers receive free dedicated IP with any of their cloud hosting plans which is incredible.

Their hPanel dashboard is also very intuitive and user-friendly. Even if you’re new to using a dashboard like that, you’ll have no trouble getting the hang of it.

Full pricing is as follows. Overall, it’s a very lucrative cloud hosting plan that’ll give you the most bang for your buck.

2. HostGator : Best Cheap Cloud Hosting

Buy Hostgator Cloud Hosting
Hostgator Cloud Hosting Plans
  • STARTS AT $12.95/MONTH

HostGator offers some of the most cost-effective cloud hosting on the market today. They’re certainly the most affordable options on this list.

Let’s take a look at some of the three basic cloud hosting plans offered by HostGator:

Hatchling Plan

  • Starting at $4.95
  • 2 CPUs
  • 2 GB of memory
  • Single domain

Baby Plan

  • Starting at $6.57
  • 4 CPUs
  • 4 GB of memory
  • Unlimited domains

Business Plan

  • Starting at $9.95
  • 6 CPUs
  • 6 GB of memory
  • Unlimited domains

These rates are for 36-month contracts. They are 45% cheaper than the actual price, which you’ll end up paying when you renew your contract.

All HostGator cloud hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate. The Business plan comes with a dedicated IP, free SEO tools, and free domain as well.

All HostGator cloud hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate. The Business plan comes with a dedicated IP, free SEO tools, and free domain as well.

Not only are they affordable, but they don’t sacrifice quality either. HostGator’s dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor the performance of your website. You can quickly view data related to page speed, uptime, reach, and more.

Scaling your server resources is simple as well. This can be done with just one click, without any downtime, reboots, or data migrations. Read more about their services in my full HostGator cloud hosting review.

Summary: Best Cloud Web Hosting Plans for 2021

Cloud web hosting is a great solution for growing websites. If your shared plan can no longer accommodate the needs of your site, then you should consider switching to a cloud solution since it can give you more resources, space, and performance power.

But all cloud hosting is made differently. The cloud hosting service you choose ultimately depends on you and your needs.

Here’s a recap of the cloud hosting reviews above:

  1. Hostinger: Most bang for your buck
  2. HostGator: Best cheap cloud web hosting

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